The Most Extreme

Kart Race Experience

In The Sacramento Area

Time Attack Karting

Welcome to the fastest race karts in the Sacramento area! 

Who Are We? Our parent company Karting Concepts is a locally based race team where we build custom race karts. Time Attack is where we let you experience racing on the outdoor tracks as well as we have some faster karts for those who want to try the next level. We also provide team building and corporate events, racing instructions, as well as Arrive & Drive on sactioned race days where we will prep one of our race karts for you to drive amongst the other kart racers in the area.

We are currently not doing any kart group and corporate events. If you are looking to do a Corporate, group, or party event check out our professional racing simulator facility "Turn 2 Racing" and we can host your exciting event!


The Race Karts

N35 Rental Karts

So you've raced the indoor go karts and are ready for the next step? These are a high performance gas version of the indoor karts but on a full scale outdoor 1/2 mile long race track where you can really open up the throttle. Honda GX270 9 hp engine will get you to speeds of 55 mph. Adjustable seat track and full bumpers make for a fun ride.

$79 for 2 10 Minute Sessions - Track Insurance Fee Included

LO-206 Race Karts

Take it even further with a real race kart. The LO-206 kart is the most popular raced kart in Northern California. Much lighter than the rental karts 155 pounds vs 300 and the engines are a true race engine with a 6100 RPM redline and digital data guage. Stickier tires, more nimble handling and you'll leave the track with a big smile!

$89 for 2 10 Minute Sessions + $35 Track Insurance Fee

Ultimate Race Kart Experience

3 hour ultimate race kart experience. We'll walk the track with you and show you proper driving lines, brake points, and throughout the day analyze and improve your lap times between each session. This is a more personal one on one racing experience. Great for someone who wants to improve their skills or just have a great day of fun. Tons and tons of laps! Perfect for the racing nut!!

$295 for 3 hr Session + $35 Track Insurance Fee

Corporate Events, Team Building, Group Events, Parties

We operate out of the Folsom facility only 6 miles from the nice Palladio center where there are many shopping and food / catering choices nearby. The facility has covered overhang structures, covered bleachers to watch your friends, picnic benches, and on-site restrooms. We have many kart racing options and formats to suit your needs from groups of only 5 to events of over 50 +

One of the most complex tracks in Northern California. This track has several challenging apexes, long straightaway, banked turns, even a mini Laguna Seca corkscrew drop plus has multiple layouts. This is the facility we run most of our programs at but did you know there are 10 go kart tracks in our racing region in about a 3 hour radius. Check out the track page for more info.

* Track Use & Insurance Fee - The track is required to provide you with an insurance wristband which is paid separately from sessions. We have it as a separate fee because many times people choose to race multiple sessions in a day and you only need to get the wristband once per day. The N35 rental karts include the fee so for instance you could do 2 sessions in the rental karts then 2 sessions in a LO206 Kart and you already have your wristband from the rental karts.


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