• Nothing Like It

    As soon as you arrive to the track you will quickly realize that we have the best karts with the best tracks. 

  • Outdoors

    Everything can be done from the comfort of indoors nowadays so get outside and experience go kart racing.

  • Peaceful Facility

    The track itself is actually situated on State Park land and has nice scenery. On site restrooms covered areas and open spaces.

  • Nice Location

    Only a few miles off the freeway and 6 miles from the nice Folsom Palladio center with many nice eating choices.

Fun Racing

That's what you're here for right? Fulfill your need for speed with the first class facility and exciting track layout with a total track length of around 1/2 mile.

Picnic Tables

There are several picnic tables throughout the facility that can be used for the group events as well as covered bleachers to watch the racing. For larger events we can bring in more tables.

Covered Area

There is a very large covered area that can be utilized for the larger group events or when renting the facility for your group or corporate event.

Frequently asked questions

How Many Racers Do I need For A Group Event?

3 racers is the minimum required to do a hosted group event.

What is the cost?

$165 for a 2 race hosted event - Minimum of 3 racers $195 for a 3 race hosted event - Minimum of 3 racers

What is included?

1 - Each racer will get 2 or 3 total sessions depending upon chosen plan in the N35 race karts 2 race practice sessions and 1 actual race. - Session 1 is just getting a feel for the track - Session 2 we time the karts for each racers best time and that will be their placement order for the 3rd session race. - Session 3 you are lined up in order based upon the session 2 lap times and you get your race. 2 - 2 courtesy water bottles provided per racer. 3 - Access to a private picnic bench for your group with a fresh racing themed tablecloth. 4 - We will take photos at different unique spots around the track with a professional camera and send you the photo package for your memories. 5 - A non dedicated host on groups of less than 10. The host is a racer themselves so feel free to ask all sorts of kart racing questions. We are there to make your experience more exciting and can handle simple tasks as well as talking to you about racing techniques. 6 - A custom trophy made ahead of time for your event for either 1st place or in the case of a Birthday event you could choose to have it go to the Birthday Girl/Boy. 7 - A track walk in the morning with the racers talking about each individual turn and the fastest way to approach the individual turns as well as braking techniques. After this we will put the drivers in the kart for a slower paced 2 laps so they can get accustomed to the track we will then answer any driving questions about the turns before sending the racers out for their first session.

Can the entire facility be rented out?

Yes it can! If you are wanting exclusive use to do a large corporate event on the weekend you can rent the facility out. The average cost is $2500 per day plus the per racer cost. If you can make your event for a weekday many times there is no cost for having exclusive use of the facility and depends upon group size for instance you have a group event of say 10 racers that could give you on most weekdays free exclusive use of the facility for 3 hours. Have 30 racers plus, take as long as you want! Note: This track has trailer parking for racers who own their own kart so even on an exclusive day there may be some people taking their trailers out to prepare for a race or even working on their karts in their trailer however the parking section is a little seperated.

What Are Some Upgrade Options?

- Add a 4th track session for $25 per racer - Catering options from local companies - lists can be emailed - Trophies for multiple places

Is there anything different with larger events?

Group events with over 10 racers get a discounted rate of a 4th elimation style race for only $20 per racer if desired. Session 1 - Practice Session 2 - Practice/Qualify Session 3 - Race Session 4 If Desired - Elimation Style Example on 24 Racer group event Elimation Style: 4 groups of 6 race Session 3 Race The top 2 racers from each of the 4 groups will race thier own fast group race the other 16 racers will get their 4th race racing against people in the other groups. On group events of 35+ racers the 4th race session is free and you may get an addittional 5th for $20 per racer. Free use of covered area and more provided tables and chairs. Dedicated Racing Host and additional staff Custom trophies specific to your event for 1st - 3rd place Events of 25+ trophies for 1st - 5th as well as custom participation trophies for the rest of the racers.

Call Us At 530-574-1898 - email: kartingconcepts@gmail.com

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